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The Beatles Remasters

What do you listen to first? "Every Little Thing", that’s my favorite Fab Four track (and I hate that appellation, but that’s how writers are, they’re afraid to use the same term over and over again, and come up with another moniker). But as I broke the shrinkwrap on the giant box, I had a […]

See The Changes

Remember the RAZR? Back in 2003, executives were overpaying to be the first on their block to sport the ultra-thin mobile device.  Then came the hipsters. And eventually the kids.  You could buy a RAZR in different colors!  You could get one for free as wireless companies fought for customers.  Motorola was rolling in dough.  […]

Rent Party ’09 Concludes

THE PLAYERS Keith Carlock "You noticed that?" Last night, during one of his solos, Keith Carlock changed his grip. Most rock drummers work their kit like Fred Flintstone, as if they’re wielding two chicken drumsticks, gripping both overhand.  But I remember from fifth grade drum class that you’re supposed to hold the left stick underhanded, […]

Barney Greengrass

That’s where we always have lunch. I had a crazy day.  First I had to drop my car off for service.  The taillights stopped working.  Right after the machine falls out of warranty?  The bill will be…somewhere between $200 and $900.  There’s a short in the system. BUT I THOUGHT JAPANESE CARS WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO […]