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State Of The Industry

People just don’t care. Every day I get e-mail castigating me that I’ve pissed on someone’s favorite act, or haven’t given enough coverage to another. I don’t doubt that you like these acts, but what fascinates me is most people don’t.  Music is now niche.  Kind of like knitting or needlepoint, but a bit bigger. […]

Sales-Week Ending-5/23/10

1. Glee: The Music, Vol. 3-Showstoppers Sales this week: 135,748Debut And there’s another package coming out on June 8th, "Journey To Regionals". The classic rock paradigm is dead.  Wherein instead of releasing two or three albums a year, you put out an album every two or three years.  Yup, first it was a year between […]

Ellen’s Label

And Letterman’s too.  Didn’t they get the memo, that today you want to be the MANAGER? If running a record label were so damn good, would Jimmy Iovine be selling Beats headphones and trying to save sound with HP? Are these celebs truly that out of touch? America’s not that unsophisticated.  Hell, just look at […]

And The Winner Is…

Simon Cowell! What did you expect, it’s television!  Do you really think they’re going to waste time focusing on the cardboard contestants?  No, they coronated the true star, Simon. Not that it was satisfying. The reason network TV is a shadow of its former self is because it’s trying to be all things to all […]