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Song Of The Day

Fever Ray "When I Grow Up" I heard this flipping the channels on Sirius.  More specifically, I heard it on XMU. You know how you hear something good and keep waiting for the bad part, to let you down, to disqualify it?  Well that didn’t happen here. I whipped out my pen and wrote down […]

Three Girls and Their Buddy At The Greek

Patty Griffin did "Chief".  Shawn Colvin performed "Twilight" at the appropriate hour.  But the star was Buddy Miller. We’ve heard that you can’t make it after thirty, what about after FIFTY? Conventional wisdom is you build a star through hits.  But what if there are no hits, and no stars?  Welcome to the twenty first […]

Can Spotify Premium Succeed?

I’m fascinated by the Palm Pre. Because it’s a metaphor for the record business.  Company too long in the tooth, that missed the future, throws the long ball and prays for one last victory, which will keep it alive. Unlike the labels, Palm threw out the old and started anew.  They didn’t try to update […]

Naive Melody (This Must Be The Place)

I’m immune to mainstream hype. When you e-mail me about your show, your project, I just delete it. And I’m not alone. We stumble upon information now.  We start with our trusted resources and see where they lead. I follow Thomas Meyer on Twitter.  Not because I love Sonos, which I do, I use it […]