Re-I Gotta Try

Re-I Gotta Try

Most times you write a song and you never know if anyone’s going to “get” it.

When Mike and I wrote “Gotta Try” I thought it was the third best thing we’d written, just behind “This is It” and “What a fool…” We had high hopes. But we both missed the nerve, and it became the one that got away. (I learned the hard way that when you write with McD, you gotta use him on the recording. Not just singing, but also especially playing! He is unique that way.)

But as to songs like “Gotta Try,” the one thing I’ve learned over the years is that the ones who need that kind of lyric will hear it when it’s time. You got it exactly as we intended it. The timing was perfect.
I was really glad to read that. Thank you.

You might be interested to know that that tradition of writing songs that will hopefully matter to someone continues today with myself, Gary Burr and Georgia Middleman, the three of us calling ourselves Blue Sky Riders. If inclined, feel free to check out a song of ours that Georgia sings on our newest CD, (“Finally Home”), called “Little Victories.” (Here is a link to a fan’s video of a live performance:
BSR is a fool’s paradise for me, a chapter three that exists for us to get to keep exercising our creativity and hopefully prolong some inkling of sanity.

So thank you again for understanding “Gotta Try” and writing about it. I feel vindicated now. 🙂

Oh…and you should know that Michael’s still writing great songs. Mike is the musical equivalent of dark  chocolate, so the world OD’ed on his stuff in the ’80’s. But miraculously, his voice had that amazing comeback when Motown signed him to make a few cover records. But his own compositions were off limits. Hopefully some day he’ll get back to recording his own stuff before his time is up. I consider him an American Treasure.”

Thank you,
Kenny Loggins

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