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Are you following the Google in China story?

You see the government doesn’t want the truth to out.  They want to control the version of reality consumed by the public.

Used to be the game was easy.  The politicians and the corporations employed spinmeisters who dealt with the gatekeepers, the newspapers, TV, movies and magazines.  And what you got was not quite an accurate picture of the truth, but a DISTILLED ONE!  Slanted for public consumption.

But those days are through in America.  Look to the "Washington Post" debacle for instruction.  The paper wrote that Jack Abramoff had given money to Democrats and the Website was INUNDATED with backlash, left wingers stating that this just wasn’t TRUE!

Mmm…  Used to be YOU thought things smelled fishy, but you couldn’t rally your troops.  You couldn’t get an alternative group together to challenge the conventional wisdom.  Now the conventional wisdom is being challenged every goddamn day.

The RIAA has a constant disinformation campaign that their suits of individuals has decreased P2P file-trading.  God, the press bought it for a while.  But no longer.  Because of BigChampagne.

Go to BigChampagne  There you will find the reality to counter all the bullshit arguments by Mitch Bainwol and his troops.  There you will find statistics on what is being traded, by whom.  Now without membership, you can’t evaluate all the data.  But "click here to see more detail" at the bottom of the chart.  And then, use the drop down menu to change formats.  Funny how you can get an INSTANT picture of what’s TRULY happening in America.  What people WANT as opposed to what the labels and the mainstream press SAY they want.

Why don’t you click on "Country".  There you will find Miranda Lambert possessing the #5 most traded track, "Kerosene".  But if you go to Miranda’s personal site, or her Sony site, you’ll see only a SNIPPET of the song is being STREAMED!  Mmm…  Talk about a disconnect.  It’s as if the proprietor is monitoring the FRONT DOOR while people are stealing, willy-nilly, out the BACK DOOR!  Wouldn’t it behoove the owner of the store to CHARGE for the wares disappearing out the rear of his store?  Especially if there aren’t enough policemen, not enough legal infrastructure, to CAPTURE all those walking away with the goods for free?

Yup, that’s the truth.  Policing.  Suing.  Ain’t stopping the problem.

Just look at what BigChampagne says:

"In America in December, 2005, on average, 6,978,715 people were simultaneously logged onto the p2p networks at any given time, says p2p research firm BigChampagne, which produces statistics centering on the file sharing phenomenon.

In 2004, the number was 5,500,314 and in 2003, 3,239,298, says the firm, which compiled statistics for the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Information Technology Outlook report for 2004."

You’d think the big boys would want to monetize all this action.

But they won’t charge the thieves.  They’d rather just tell you the problem’s under control.  Just like FEMA Director Brownie said about New Orleans in the wake of Katrina.

The "New York Times" and "Wall Street Journal" USED to print the RIAA’s b.s. as delivered to them.  But now, you can’t read an article touting the trade organization’s position without a statement of BigChampagne’s contrary statistics.

This Sunday night, at 9 PM on KLSX, 97.1 Free FM, my guest will be Eric Garland, CEO of BigChampagne.  We’re gonna get into the TRUTH of file-trading.  How big it is, how it’s unstoppable and how the labels are leaving all this money on the table.

I urge you, if you ever talk about P2P, have any interest in the subject, are a believer or disbeliever, tune in.  This is THE GUY!

You can read what he has to say all over the Web.  Just Google him and his company.  Preferably under "News".  But this is your chance to hear him speak, and call in and ask him questions.

If you don’t live in Los Angeles, you can stream the show on the Internet by going to: and clicking on "Live".  And, if you’d like to speak with Eric and me, the phone number is: (888) 520-9710.

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