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Eric Garland On The Movie (Music) Business

This is so right on, so exhaustive and prescient, that I must send it to you and you must read it. Ostensibly about the movie business, i.e. its challenging future, Garland states that past is prologue and we look to what happened in the music business to know how things play out in the film […]

Empowering The Audience

Go to a gig and you’ll see a plethora of attendees filming the event.  Not only taking photos, but literally recording the gig. Old acts want to employ a no-camera policy.  They want to ban the users.  Newbies tolerate it.  Why not EMBRACE the audience’s activity? Why doesn’t every band have a page for audience […]

U2 At The Rose Bowl

Have you seen "U23D"?  You should!  Can’t think of a better concert film.  But the vibe is even better.  Shot in South America, in soccer stadiums, you get the feeling of danger, of being outside the law, of being in a nation built by rock and roll. That’s how it felt last night. If one […]

U2 360

What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where a band’s stage is more important than their music? The U2 tour opened across the pond, and has been slowly working its way west across America.  Tonight it lands in Pasadena, California.  And if you think the most important story in the Los […]