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Oliver Anthony/Rich Men North Of Richmond

WHAT WE’VE LEARNED 1. An independent is a Republican who doesn’t want to be seen as such. Very few people in America are truly independent. They almost always vote one way or the other. But they don’t want to be perceived as being beholden to a camp. Don’t buy it. You’re either a Republican or […]

The Niche

“What Happens When a Pop Star Isn’t That Popular? – Pop’s middle class enjoys loyal online fan bases. For these artists, pop stardom isn’t a commercial category, but a sound, an aesthetic and an attitude.”: That’s a free link, and you should click on it. As for the Kesha/Dr. Luke story, if you don’t […]

Proves The Point

Re: The Cult Era Hi Bob, You can’t help yourself bashing Trump that’s all you have. You are the Gladis Kravitz of music business looking for attention. The lawyer thing didn’t work out or the head of a label. Now you bash conservatives, show your economic ignorance. You say Biden’s not a cult well your […]

The Cult Era

We all want to belong First it was baseball, then it was the Beatles and finally it was MTV. We all paid attention, we all knew what was happening, and even the barely hip caught the references. Today you’ve got no idea what people are talking about, unless they’re a member of your cult. We’re […]