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The Republicans

They’re all on the same page: 1. The Bidens are guilty of something and it needs to be investigated. 2. Trump committed no crime. 3. The Democrats are out to get Trump, and they’ve been on this path from day one. Yes, Trump is positively off his rocker, but one thing is for sure, he’s […]

Trump Resigns

How do you lose a Presidency? Very slowly, then all at once. This is not a new story. Trump has been flirting with disaster from before his inauguration. Sure, his base loves him, but as the Donald so famously said, if he shot a person on Fifth Avenue, they wouldn’t convict him. Blind devotion. But […]


The Democrats have to get ahead of the story. If you were listening to the news today, and who wasn’t, you heard about two things, Trump’s impeachment and how this action will negatively impact the Democrats in 2020. Now let’s wait to see what the whistleblower has to say, what the transcript and ultimately the […]


What are the Democrats afraid of? This is what happens when you’ve been inside the Beltway, in the game for far too long, you get disrupted. That’s right, Trump disrupted the Democrats who were so busy studying history that they didn’t realize the country had changed. Well, it’s changed again. What we’ve learned is that […]