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Bloomberg’s Past

“Why Is Bloomberg’s Long History of Egregious Sexism Getting a Pass?-The surging Democratic presidential candidate has fielded some 40 sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits” The rich are different from you and me…THEY’RE ENTITLED! Sure, Trump did it, but that’s a FALSE EQUIVALENCY! Democrats are the big tent party, embracing women, people of color, the blue […]

Weekday Update

Buy Rihanna lingerie and get stuck with a fifty dollar monthly subscription without knowing it. That’s this week’s biggest music business story: “Rihanna’s Lingerie Line Accused of Deceptive Marketing-A consumer group claims that the buzzy Savage x Fenty line ‘ensnares consumers into unwanted monthly charge.’ The company disputes the accusation.” Read the article, which has […]

New Hampshire Lessons

DELIVER WHEN THE SPOTLIGHT IS UPON YOU Amy Klobuchar went from zero to hero in one debate, with just a couple of lines. Proving that you must ride the tiger until your moment arrives. The dirty little secret is talent is secondary to perseverance and the ability to shine at the right time. Most people […]


What kind of crazy, fucked-up world do we live in where Steve Bannon knows more about the Democratic party than the DNC? Did you watch Bannon on Bill Maher last Friday? You should. Of course there’s a lot of insane drivel, but don’t forget it was Bannon who got Trump elected, somehow he had his […]