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Turbocharged Stars

You can’t avoid Elon Musk. There are only three superstars in America today, Elon Musk, Donald Trump and Kanye West. You can’t avoid them, everybody knows who they are and everybody has an opinion on them. Used to be records were ubiquitous, now it’s people. This is what the internet has wrought. For a minute […]

Red vs. Blue

It’s not politics, it’s cultural identity. I’d say this is why you should never believe someone when they say they’re independent, but this is a cultural signifier too… They don’t want to be aligned with either side, they want to be seen as independent thinkers, even though they almost always vote for one side or […]

The Unrest In China

The people don’t like totalitarianism. That’s why the sanctity of elections is so important. I don’t know if this is news on the east coast. Maybe you went to bed before this story broke. But they’re revolting in China, over the zero-Covid policy, as a result of the ten people who died in a fire […]

The Bitch Is Back

“Elon Musk Reinstates Trump’s Twitter Account – Mr. Musk, who had run a poll on Twitter about whether to bring back the former president to the service, said, ‘The people have spoken.’”: That was then and this is now. Donald Trump was a disrupter. He said the unsayable. He broke norms. He rallied people […]