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Zuckerberg In Congress

He was so damn SMART! I know, I know, I’m supposed to resent him, he ruined the fabric of America, THE WORLD, but I’ve got to say I’m impressed with his performance today, the brilliant student schooling his inept teachers. I grew up knowing I was going to college. Never a doubt in my mind. […]

The Middle Class Revolts

The government has been unable to rein in hedge funds. But the remaining reporters at the “Denver Post” just might. For far too long we’ve revered money. And believed that those in possession of it know better. We’ve been sold this canard, that the rich are job creators, that if they triumph, so do we, […]

More Rio

It’s all about income inequality. So I’m talking to Shep Gordon and he tells me not to leave the hotel without security. My sister says to bring no watch, to be wary of cellphone theft. And then the “New York Times” writes about yellow fever. WHAT’S GOING ON HERE? I’m not the paranoid type, but […]


“Facing boycott, Laura Ingraham apologizes for taunting Parkland teen over college rejections” The corporation is not your friend. It’s an inanimate entity that depends upon you for survival. You tell it what to do, not vice versa. The veneration of companies, especially those in tech, came in the wake of the capitulation to corporations by […]