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Dexter Holland’s Hot Sauce

I’m addicted. We never ate hot sauce when I was a child, it was not a thing, food was bland, vegetables were boiled and my taste buds were fresh. But as I’ve aged I’ve required a little zest to spice up my food. As a matter of fact, I employ Tabasco each and every day, […]

New York City

It’s cold here! When I left L.A. it was nearly ninety. Right now Dark Sky says it’s forty nine, and it feels like it. I put a fleece over my short sleeve shirt and the wind was blowing through my arms on the way to Halal Guys. We’ve all got our pilgrimages. I don’t want […]

The Corn Maze

“Ready To Get Lost At Forneris Farms”? We did! I’ve been sitting in the house for too long, staring at all four walls recovering from my shoulder surgery. I’m back and at ’em now, veering from here to there, booking all comers, and when I found myself inside this morning…I STARTED TO FREAK OUT! I […]

New York City

Just like I pictured it. Does anybody get Stevie Wonder references anymore? I just saw a play, so whacked, that asked the same question about Steely Dan. The two characters were Becker and Fagen fanatics, they wondered if we knew the lyrics, anything beyond the band’s William S. Burroughs inspired name and song titles. Things […]