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From: Dan Millen Subject: Re: Ticketmaster Swift Snafu Date: November 17, 2022 at 2:37:01 PM PST Great time to load up on LYV stock! I call it the TM hate trade. Every time some kerfuffle happens with LYV and ticketmaster people dump the stock, it drops $5-10 and I grab some more, it always creeps […]

A Side Of Fries

Yup, Shake Shack fries are damn good. The main reason is that they travel! Very few other fries travel even a short distance, around the corner, to your car.. In N Out for instance. They’re soggy when fresh at the In N Out…they don’t even make it to the car. However, when I was a […]

Krinkly Fries

The dentist told Felice to eat ice cream. He’d just completed the replacement of her implant and when Felice strolled up Camden to her car she encountered the new Shake Shack, and purchased a shake, and french fries. Shake Shack started off with krinkly fries. I’m not a fan. Too much potato inside. Even worse […]

The Coachella Backlash

Watch this: You may never go on TikTok, you may not even have an account, but the target demo does, you know, the impressionable youngsters with disposable income. They don’t bother with Instagram, they never had a Facebook account, as far as the mainstream media goes…that’s something oldsters argue about, if anything important happens, […]