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Another Mistake

Re: An Example It appears not only did the Grateful Dead never record "Hey Joe", they never even PLAYED IT! That’s one of the great things about the Web.  The databases.  I’ve been inundated with e-mail from people who’ve researched this, not only every recording, but EVERY LIVE PERFORMANCE!  Yup, you can find EVERY song […]

Donald Trump is a terrible businessman.  Just check his track record in Atlantic City for evidence.  But in this crazy, fucked-up media world where egomaniacs on private jets believe everybody not them is a moron, he’s sold as a hero, an icon, a devilishly smart, handsome adonis with business acumen no mortal man possesses. And, […]

More Spitzer

Did Andy Lack set Sony up? My e-mail box is starting to fill, my phone is starting to ring.  Insiders smell something fishy.  Or, as Woodward and Bernstein used to put it, FOLLOW THE MONEY! Andy Lack is an outsider.  He’s new to the music business.  It doesn’t add up to him.  All this pay […]

Eliot Spitzer

Can’t they send someone to jail?  Maybe Donnie Ienner?  Or Charlie Walk? Or how about a really big fish.  Clive Davis.  Operating like a Mafia kingpin, having all his henchmen do the work, making like he’s untouchable. Ten million dollars?  A drop in the bucket? Gonna eliminate pay for play? No way. Then again, everyone’s […]