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Paddleton | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix They never make a movie about the way guys really are. You can see beefcake, men who love ’em and leave ’em, men who abuse women, but they don’t make a flick about the people I know. They do in “Paddleton.” The average guy can’t get laid, is […]

HBO-Michael Jackson

They finally got him. Wanted, dead or alive? Maybe Bon Jovi, but no longer Michael Jackson. They’ve already postponed the Chicago theatre run. The tracks will be played, but Michael Jackson is about to become a pariah. Wrong place, wrong time, to reference the old Dr. John chestnut. It’s kind of like sexual harassment. You […]

The Oscars

And the winner is… MUSIC! Come on. The Grammys are over-debated, the performances not only leaked, but promoted. But when Queen came on the stage to rock us… THEY DID! Generations have passed. Our parents are either deceased or in the old folks’ home. We rockers, who grew up with the Beatles, we remember, this […]

Abducted In Plain Sight

Did you watch this? Documentaries have flourished in the Netflix era. And I must say, I love a good one, since truth is stranger than fiction, and ultimately more believable. (I know that sounds obvious, but we read fiction for the truth embodied therein. But when you encounter the unvarnished truth it takes you aback, […]