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Dead To Me

I wouldn’t be watching this if it weren’t on Netflix. I like the foreign series, but most of them are crime-based, and Felice has a limit on that. Me? I could watch dark and dirty all day long. And I don’t need likable characters or a happy ending, as long as it’s deep and satisfying […]


What kind of crazy, fucked-up world do we live in where a Korean boy band sings to track and blows away every performance on SNL this year? One in which Blackpink has been the highlight of Coachella so far. I mean you want to hate BTS, on principle. It’s manufactured, we’ve seen this movie before. […]

The Motley Crue Movie

It’s stupid, but you can’t turn it off. There’s a backlash against this flick. From people who weren’t there the first time and wouldn’t be there if this era ever came back, even though it can’t. You see the Sunset Strip was populated by castoffs, those not wanted, those who didn’t fit in, not Ivy […]

The Theranos Movie

You may say I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one “Imagine” John Lennon People are full of shit. But not everyone. My father was a skeptic. If someone told a story too good to be true, he pointed it out. I’m my father’s son. Where has that left me? Oftentimes out of the […]