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Borgen-Season 4-Episode 1

They don’t make television like this in the United States. And they certainly don’t make movies. Hollywood is patting itself on the back over the success of “Top Gun: Maverick.” I haven’t seen it, but I did see the original, because back then movies still mattered, the stars weren’t on TV, they were shooting for […]

Love On The Spectrum U.S.

Netflix Official Trailer: This is riveting television. It will make you smile and it will bring tears to your eyes. As a matter of fact I’m holding back the waterworks right now. You know someone on the spectrum. Even though they may not even know it themselves. But in the last thirty years incredible […]

Hacks-Episode 6

You know when you do something great. Conventional wisdom is no one knows anything in Hollywood. Only hacks believe that. Certainly when it comes to music, some songs are UNDENIABLE! My favorite story here involves Al Kooper. He was being inducted into the Guitar Center RockWalk and we’re sitting in the green room after the […]

Hacks-Season 2

It’s got a tone problem. As in whipsawing from believable to farce so two-dimensional you want to shut the damn program down. But Jean Smart is so GOOD! How did we get here? Replicating the old TV model with the new? In case you’ve been under a rock, it appears that all streaming video outlets […]