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Jewish Matchmaking

Netflix trailer: Are you watching this? People are so out of touch with themselves! We were watching “Rough Diamonds,” but then it became too predictable, so we switched to the movie “Hunger,” a Thai film, which a reader recommended. Don’t. Because it too is predictable. The ride was okay, albeit slow, but then you […]


Subject: Re: Ed Sheeran He’s playing all stadiums – no arenas – theatres shows for the new record for super fans Marc Gentilella ______________________________ Subject: Re: Ed Sheeran I first heard about Ed Sheeran from your article about him and “Lego House” . . . loved it and have been playing his music when i […]

Hannah Gadsby-Something Special

Official Netflix Trailer: It wasn’t good. Well, that’s not completely true, when Gadsby referenced her autism, it was interesting, but if you were a fan of “Nanette” and “Douglas” you will be sorely disappointed. In case you never watched “Nanette”… Do so immediately. Most comedy is just jokes. Sure, Chappelle might go further, certainly […]

The Diplomat

Netflix Official Trailer: It will make you want to join the foreign service. Then again, “Law and Order” and “Perry Mason” might make you want to be an attorney, when in truth very few lawyers go to court and most of the time being a lawyer is incredibly boring. Let me see, on an […]