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The Beatles Streaming

There’s a first mover advantage. That’s right, let Spotify stream your music early and you get a check or stock or both. Wait until the downside of the curve and you get bupkes. So let this be a lesson to all of you Luddites out there, the best way to leave money on the table […]

What I Learned This Year

People make up their own facts, and if you call them on it they just double down. We live in a disinformation economy. The more data there is, the less we can come to a consensus. Media will follow an irrelevant story if it makes them rich. Donald Trump has absolutely no chance of becoming […]

Entertainment Unicorns

10 million people want Adele tickets and “Star Wars” grosses $238 million in a weekend. What does this tell us? PEOPLE WANT TO BELONG! Welcome to the teens. The media doesn’t label them that, but they should start. It’s not the aughts, the era where the public gradually adopted broadband and pirated movies and music, […]

R&RHOF Playlist

R&RHOF Playlist – Spotify YOUR SAVING GRACE Steve Miller Band From the fourth album, of the same title. I didn’t buy it, although I did go to the Fillmore East to see the band headline. I got turned on to this track by XM, before the merger, on Deep Tracks. Funny how these gems are […]