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Catch A Wave

Grab your board and go sidewalk surfin’ with me That’s from "Sidewalk Surfin’", by Jan and Dean.  I was a huge fan.  One of the first albums I bought with my own money was "Command Performance", a live show containing all the group’s hits including this.  I played that LP so much it turned grey. […]

Hollow Talk by Choir of Young Believers

Hollow Talk by Choir of Young Believers This video does a disservice to this song. I think Robin Millar and I are on the same page.  But you wouldn’t know it by the e-mail he sends me.  He’s frustrated over change, he’s worried artists are being lost in the shuffle, he’s worried we’re going to […]


Who cares? Let me be more specific.  Who, in their right mind, is eager to watch the new "Idol" to discover a great musical star.  Huh?  That’s not why we watch "Idol", it’s to see the clueless wannabes skewered by Simon. Simon.  He’s the star of "Idol".  Sure, they replaced Dave in Van Halen, but […]


I’m reading this book about Todd Rundgren entitled "A Wizard A True Star, Todd Rundgren In The Studio".  It’s a recitation of all his productions, even albums I’d never heard of, I was stunned at how much work he did before engineering the Band’s "Stage Fright".  Everywhere you turn it’s Gladwell Time, evidence of 10,000 […]