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If Apple can’t make it overnight, why do you think you can? Sure, millions of iPhone 4S’s have been sold. And so many are under contract and unable to buy one right now. But isn’t it interesting that sales of Droids and other smartphones have not completely tanked? But they’re about to. Siri is a […]

The Descendants

Beau Bridges was so good in this movie! I hate the holidays. Let’s just say they make me anxious, with no agenda, nothing you have to do but relax…and that’s so hard to do. But I’ve been hearing songs on the radio that have sent me back to holidays past and put a smile on […]

Rap’s hard sell-Blame It On The Alcohol

Pitbull, ‘Diddy’ and other rappers step up alcohol endorsements I’m running out to the movies, but I was just eating some breakfast and reading the newspaper and I read a story so intriguing and horrifying I just had to alert you. Maybe I’m getting old. Maybe I grew up in a different era, where music […]

The Woody Allen Documentary

I still can’t get over the Soon-Yi thing, but people always tell me to separate the man from the art, and "Annie Hall" could be my favorite movie ever, so… 1. There was a fascinating story in Sunday’s "New York Times" quarreling with Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours theory (which was originated by a college professor […]