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This story has been underreported. Just like the iPod killed the Walkman, tablets are going to devastate PCs, it’s just that most people don’t know it yet. The iPod is a good analogy. Overpriced and unneeded. That’s what the pundits said. As for the public, most people weren’t paying attention. What sold the iPod was […]

Barry’s Book

Barry Fey It’s not well-written, but you can’t put it down. The public did not kill the music business. Blame MTV, Bob Sillerman, the Telecommunications Act of 1996. But don’t blame the people. The people know the power of sound. They know greatness when they hear it. But greed squeezed integrity out of the music […]

When Bad Leads To Good

I slipped on a curb. I was just walking, from the movie to the car, and I felt a twist in my knee and a pain right behind it and the first thing I thought was "There goes my ski season!" I’m paranoid that way. I realize it comes from experience. That time I slipped […]


Lou Reed & Metallica "Lulu" This week: #149Last week: #34Weeks on chart: 2Sales this week: 3,150Cume: 16,470 The problem was everybody heard it before it was released. One could argue that the way to combat this is to lock it down, make people buy it in order to hear it, but that’s not the modern […]