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Rhinofy-Semi-Obscure Stones

I woke up with a song in my head. Well, not exactly. I went into the kitchen to retrieve the newspaper, and sitting upon the throne I was confronted with an article about the re-release of "Some Girls", you know the one with remixes and remasters and… Actually, I didn’t even read the article. It […]

Tonight’s Dawes Show

1. You’ve got to know people. Word of mouth can spread only if you know other mouths. 2. The agent had a friend who knew the band, he checked them out, he signed them. Then what… 3. It was about the agent’s relationships. Used to be the start was a record deal, now you begin […]

Chris Cornell Performs “Imagine” On Howard Stern

Imagine I didn’t think I cared about Chris Cornell. He turned me off when he worked with Timbaland. When you start doing anything for a hit, when you start getting desperate, we abandon you. Works that way in relationships, works that way in music. As for the Soundgarden reunion…what else were they gonna do? Same […]

Spotify Extra

Did you hear they put out a Bridge School compilation? Neither did I. But I found it on Spotify. I searched for Led Zeppelin on the service. I didn’t believe the band was there. I was right. But I did find a bunch of soundalikes and tributes and the Lovemongers’ version of "Battle Of Evermore". […]