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Breaking Bad

It’s the best show on television. Who cares about a show with a twisted concept featuring a sitcom star on a second-rate cable network? Not many. Only the TV aficionados. Who beat the drum for “Breaking Bad” to the point that now, in its final season, there’s mania. People enduring weekend marathons just to catch […]

Romney And The Disconnect

Didn’t he know there was a camera there? Forget the content of Mitt Romney’s remarks. What troubles me is he’s so out of the loop, technologically and socially, that he didn’t realize that anything you say outside of the privacy of your own bathroom, alone, in the dark, is no longer private, and will surface, […]


It’s over. That’s what the entertainment business does best, pile on. Rather than innovate, it imitates. If one western works, they do ten. Ditto with boy bands and singing shows. What’s interesting is “The Voice” and “X Factor” piled on a dying platform. Yup, it’s not about ratings, but the underlying construct. In other words, […]

Roxette At The Gibson

They were fantastic! I was horrified by the venue. Once upon a time the Universal Amphitheatre was topless, it was a magical place that was the toast of L.A. Then they put a roof on it. So the neighbors would stop complaining and they could do shows year-round. Now it’s like the bar scene in […]