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Mensch & Burnstein On Tesla

Subject: Tesla – 5 Man Acoustical jam Bob, The behind the scenes story is even a bit better and I’ve copied Cliff who may be able to shed some more light. Queenie did suggest we play accoustically at her club but we couldn’t just play 1 show, so we booked an acoustic tour (I can’t […]

Giving Up

I want you to listen to Fred Armisen on Alec Baldwin’s “Here’s The Thing” podcast. Because he talks about giving up. Sometimes you’ve got to do that. Fred was in a band called Trenchmouth. With his buddies. For ten years. They toured not only the U.S., but Europe. With no roadies, lugging their own equipment […]

Rhinofy-Five Man Acoustical Jam

In retrospect the debut is the best. But this live album is my favorite. My favorite live album of all time, hell, I’ve listened to it enough! The debut got traction. Especially with “Modern Day Cowboy”… That’s on the live album too, but I’m getting ahead of myself. You want to listen to “EZ Come […]

The Amanda Palmer Kerfuffle

Musician on musician hate. With a dose of jealousy thrown in. In case you don’t live on the Interwebs, many players are shocked that Amanda Palmer is giving them a chance to play for free. Well, not completely, there’s beer and hugs and audience enjoyment too. They believe she should pay. Because she raised a […]