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Beautiful World, Where Are You This book did not get universally good reviews. And that’s significant, because its author, Sally Rooney, is the latest literary phenom. Oh, you know her, even if you didn’t read her two previous books. She’s the one behind “Normal People,” on Hulu, which everybody was raving about last year. I tried, but once again […]

The Chestnut Man

Trailer: Thanksgiving used to be for movies. This is the weekend the serious ones launched. Of course there were family flicks, and stuff in between, like “Mrs. Doubtfire,” it’s just that I remember going to the movies over the Thanksgiving holiday but that tradition petered out a decade or so ago. I think the […]

Oh William! Every baby boomer should read this book. Getting old is weird, in ways they never told you about. Sure, you regret the time you wasted. And you know so much more but nobody wants to listen to you. But the most revelatory thing is you just don’t care. It happens almost overnight. Suddenly you […]

Get Back-Part One

It’s boring. At least the first half to two-thirds. That’s what they don’t tell you in the endless hosannas about this miniseries, that if you’re not a dyed-in-the-wool Beatles fan, you’re gonna have a hard time sitting through it. Having said that, what we’ve got here is the inner workings of a band. You remember […]