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Tommy James-This Week’s Podcast

Tommy James cut “Hanky Panky” when he was just a teenager, and then he signed with Morris Levy’s Roulette Records and ended up with tons of hits, but very little money. Listen to the story of an artist who pushed the limits of the hit single idiom (remember the tremolo effect in “Crimson and Clover”?) […]


Re: Morgan Wallen   I had never heard of Morgan Wallen until he appeared on Saturday Night Live in December 2020.  Mr. Wallen had been cancelled from a previously scheduled appearance on SNL in October 2020 for not following the SNL guidelines regarding COVID19.   SNL let him appear in December.  We watched his performance and […]

Morgan Wallen

When are we gonna let this guy out of jail? This dude has the biggest album of the year, hovering in the Top Ten all the while, without the sales tricks of those who get all the publicity, with their vinyl and multi-CD packages, and yet you can’t even say his name. HUH? Furthermore, his […]

Thank You Songs Playlist Songs with “thank” in the title and/or lyrics (start at listed times to hear the word within thirty seconds, although it does not appear in “Thank You”): My Thanksgiving-Don Henley – from 4:05 Thank You Led Zeppelin and Tori Amos (Tori Amos version -from :40) You’ve Made Me So Very Happy-Blood, Sweat & Tears […]