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Save The Country

Last night on "Celebrity Apprentice" Donald Trump said it was all about passion.  That he’d seen plenty of smart, educated, competent people, but what turned him on, what made people shine, was passion. On the freeway this morning, I heard Rod Stewart’s "Handbags &  Gladrags".  I flashed back to my dorm room at Middlebury, listening […]

Thrilla In Manila

Have you watched this movie on HBO? I was flipping through the On Demand opportunities when I stumbled upon it.  I’d read a review, it stated that Muhammad Ali was an asshole, that Joe Frazier had been mislabeled.  I had an urge to see it.  But can you convince a woman to watch a boxing […]

Bat For Lashes

The job of the deejay is to play that which the audience will embrace.  That doesn’t mean the deejay can’t test the listeners’ limits, just that you don’t play the record for yourself, but those who are tuning in.  That’s what a recommendation service does, turn you on to stuff it thinks you’re going to […]

Tweet Tracks

Now I know why I love satellite radio and hate Pandora and Last.FM. You can’t trust the public. I just tweeted, asking people to tell me about an INCREDIBLE track, something as good as Gnarls Barkley’s "Crazy". And what came back wasn’t shite, but stuff so far off the radar screen that it could never […]