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You can’t convince customers cheaper is better, not in music. This week Apple and Microsoft announced their quarterly results.  Apple’s were staggeringly good.  Mac sales dipped ever so slightly, but iPod sales were up and iPhone sales were humongous.  In other words, people will pay premium prices for perceived quality.  Just like you can’t get […]

More Jeff Beck

Rob Light Told me he wanted to make Jeff Beck iconic.  He had a whole plan, which he delineated. What struck me was this was the head of CAA, not MCA, or EMI, Sony or WB.  That’s what labels used to do, make stars.  They had a whole team, sharing the goal of pushing the […]

Life Is Hard

That’s the name of the second cut on the new Bob Dylan album.  I just listened to it.  I downloaded the package after finding a link on a music blog. I won’t say I was horrified, but I no longer had an urge to listen to the rest of the album. When I was growing […]

Tweet Report/Jeff Beck

Lefsetz: At El Rey. Like old days.Harvey intro’d Davy Knowles, 60s acoustic blues, not about hits. Jeff Beck at 9:30!about 4 hours ago from TwitterBerry mary_cg: @Lefsetz Would enjoy seeing a review of Jeff Beck here or in your blog. Not sure what he’s doing these days, would like to know.about 4 hours ago from […]