Shelby Sings Dusty

It’s just too cold to ski today. My fingers are still tingling from yesterday, when I almost screamed in pain when I removed my Nordicas after just too long on the slopes. So, today is an easy day. We had a long breakfast and now we’re all sitting in the condo at our Macs. That seems to be the rule, no Mac, no seat at the table. We all came to Apple independently, but there are four laptops in close proximity. It’s not only the younger generation that comes home and surfs, but the older one too.

Anyway, Felice played a song she thinks should be on Monica’s new record, and then Gregg asked if we wanted to hear Shelby Lynne’s new album, he played drums on it.

Gregg’s a dyed in the wool jazzbo. Although I’ve followed Shelby’s career since the Morgan Creek days, I figured there could be no point of nexus between me and Gregg, but when I heard Shelby’s version of "How Can I Be Sure" emanate from the JBL sound ring I was floored.

THIS is a Starbucks record. This is something that you sip coffee to and dream. You don’t have to push this, you just have to let people HEAR IT!

Read the story on Shelby’s MySpace page, how Barry Manilow suggested she do an album of Dusty Springfield songs and when she finally took him up on the idea her record label folded.

It was a mistake to drop her. This record won’t enter the chart at number one, but it could sell FOREVER!

It’s on Lost Highway now. We’ll see what Luke Lewis can do.

Music, it’s the commonality between us all.

Check out the ninety second snippets on the MySpace page. I wish there were more, but Doug Morris doesn’t understand the Google philosophy, that you have to know where in the food chain to charge. Everybody should be able to hear all these songs in their entirety. That’s the hardest burden, getting exposed in today’s world.

I’ve been exposed. Felix Cavaliere’s music has been dormant too long. It needs to be back in the marketplace. Shelby is keeping the magic alive. Along with producer Phil Ramone, engineer Al Schmitt and a cadre of ace L.A. session players.

I can only imagine what this sounds like on vinyl…

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