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JIM McMAHON Sports Illustrated cover HE can’t remember his Super Bowl victory, not me. I mean come on, I’m gonna forget Refrigerator Perry?! Once upon a time, mainstream media reached everybody, not only the seven o’clock news, but “Time,” “Newsweek” and “Sports Illustrated.” Now SI puts Jim McMahon on its cover, with a lengthy article […]

Where Are They Now?

Kara DioGuardi TV can give you exposure but it doesn’t breed fans. A couple of years later, it’s like she wasn’t even on. If you’re not leveraging your TV exposure for another facet of your career, if you’re on TV as an end unto itself, you’re close to the end. Just wait for cancellation or […]

Sales-Week Ending 10/21/12

1. Jason Aldean “Night Train” Sales this week: 409,303 Debut Country is about careers. The artists may not write their own songs, but they’ve got personalities and are positively three dimensional. Unlike in pop, it’s about the act, not the track. Which is why these country albums debut so high. Granted, they only continue to […]

Your Catalog

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. I just finished reading David Pogue’s review of the Surface, Microsoft’s iPad competitor. The hardware is jaw-dropping, the software is baffling and the whole thing is a no-go because there are no apps. Apple just pushed the envelope with its latest iPads this morning. But even if they did […]