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Randy Bachman-This Week’s Podcast

Boy can he talk. That’s one thing Canadians and Indians have in common, they’ve got the gift of gab. I think it’s all those cold winter nights in the Great White North, as for Indians…I’m still thinking about it. We all know Randy, from the days of the Guess Who and BTO. But what I […]

Seymour Stein-This Week’s Podcast

I was at a gig last week and a promoter told me young agents had never heard of Bob Sillerman. That was a turning point in the touring business, when Sillerman rolled up the promoters in 1996, it’s the basis of the present touring landscape. You might think history is irrelevant, but he who knows […]

Kaskade-This Week’s Podcast

I loved talking to Ryan, that’s his real name, you learn the genesis of his stage moniker in this podcast. He grew up in Northbrook, Illinois and got infected by the Chicago house music scene. Then he brought his records to BYU where he flailed. After his mission in Japan, he was a tour guide […]

Jim McCarthy-This Week’s Podcast

He runs Goldstar. Don’t know what Goldstar is? Go to and sign up, it’s free! And what will you find there? Events. Goldstar is in the events business. Turning you on, finding something for you to do. Most tickets are discounted, but not all. At first Goldstar had a bad rep, devaluing concert tickets. […]