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Les Claypool-This Week’s Podcast

Bassist extraordinaire Colonel Les Claypool has regrouped his Fearless Flying Brigade for its first tour in two decades. This is Claypool’s story, from picking up the bass at 14 to Primus to Oysterhead to wine-making to… Les will entertain you!

Eric Andersen-This Week’s Podcast

Eric Andersen was a folkie in Greenwich Village in the sixties, recorded the classic album “Blue River’ in the seventies, and is still touring and recording to this day. Eric’s still got something to say, he believes music can make a difference, and this is his story.

Larkin Poe-This Week’s Podcast

Sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell front Larkin Poe, a blues-based rock band that will knock your socks off. This is their story from home-schooling in Georgia to touring with their sister Jessica in the acoustic act the Lovell Sisters, to ultimately forging a new sound and backing Elvis Costello, Bright Eyes and more as they […]

Holly Knight-This Week’s Podcast

Holly Knight started out as the pianist in the band Spider (alongside drummer Anton Fig), which was managed by Bill Aucoin. Holly even played on KISS’s “Unmasked” (uncredited, of course). After Spider made an album for Dreamland Records, Mike Chapman convinced Holly to move to Los Angeles to be a songwriter. The two of them […]