Zeppelin “Reunion”

No one wanted to see Jimmy Page play old Zeppelin numbers with Black Crowes, who in the hell is going to want to see him play these same dusty numbers with either a wannabe or an 80’s hack?

Give it up.

But Jimmy’s itchy.

But he lost credibility doing that Leona Lewis Olympics thing.  And the P. Diddy remake of "Kashmir" before that.  I mean if you want to play sessions, if you want to be a gun for hire, like Jeff Beck, be my guest (although don’t tinker with your cars, and play more than Beck!)  As for new material…  You couldn’t do it with Paul Rodgers.  You seem to need Robert.  But that didn’t work without John Paul Jones…

Robert is now my hero, for not doing this reunion gig.  Can you believe it?  Someone in the twenty first century who believes music is more important than money!  He’d rather break ground with Alison Krauss than scream about his lemon to dead people who overpaid for their tickets so they can say they were there, no matter how bad it was.

Jason Bonham’s just a pawn in their game.  Lucky to be able to pound the skins for anyone.

John Paul Jones is a genius.  The missing link that Page and Plant left out in their reunion, to their detriment.  It’s his keyboard textures that were the special sauce, the extra ingredient that made Zeppelin more than a run of the mill hard rock band.

Not to denigrate Page and Plant.  They reigned supreme.  Back when everybody was paying attention and concert promoters were individuals and ticket prices were affordable, when music did change the world, despite the critics saying the band sucked.

I feel sorry for Jimmy that he can’t find his niche.  But revisiting the past is like going to the prom at age thirty.  It can never be the same, no matter how great the memories are.

This is a ridiculous story, hyped by a dying press that has nothing else significant to flog.  Looking for the bigger and better, I’m surprised we’re not hearing about a special dome being built in Vegas to house this inane version of Zeppelin and Paul McCartney and the Moody Blues night after night, for people who need to be entertained while they’re losing their paycheck.

Give me something that matters.  The fact that the press can’t settle on something new that’s valid, that Live Nation and AEG need to make their numbers, that the labels are as artistically bankrupt as this new Zeppelin concoction, does not change reality.  Zeppelin walked the earth at a different time.  When dinosaurs ruled.  They’re extinct, don’t try to bring them back.

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