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Jack’s Mannequin At The Troubadour

I was so much older than the rest of the crowd that it was like I didn’t even exist.  Andrew McMahon’s parents were in the audience, he pointed them out deep into the show.  I was stunned to see they were contemporaries.  And there was this old man walking around who might have been his […]

The Baseball Game

Utterly hysterical. Wanting to finish the damn Series, which has abysmal ratings, being fought between a secondary market team and one so far from the mainstream that it can’t even sell out its home games, Major League Baseball elected to play the game tonight, even though the forecast was…let’s just say less than ideal. Who […]

What If Roadies Ran The World?

The Sprint/Nextel merger looked good on paper.  But the attempted combination of two incompatible technologies eviscerated Nextel’s magic, and its draw, its push to talk feature used by blue collar workers moving the goods and performing the services of America.  Is there any way to save the company? Many people believe Nextel should be spun […]

What’s Going On

Do you know the song "River Boulevard"? Walking down the road this morningThe sun was in my eyesThe smell of the sweet sweet blossomsSteppin’ through my mindAnd I sayIsn’t it just a beautiful dayIsn’t it just a beautiful day It’s the fourth song on the Pointer Sisters’ debut.  But it wasn’t an original, it was […]