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It wasn’t a hit. I’m not saying it was a stiff, but most people never heard it. Furthermore, radio didn’t play it. By 1971, FM radio stations were leaning harder, there was no room for singer-songwriters and their quiet music. This even haunted James Taylor, the biggest of the lot. Suddenly, he was an AM […]

It’s Not A Hit

The music business has changed dramatically and no one will admit it. I was stretching last night, one of the world’s most boring activities, so while I was doing so I was reading the Apple News on my phone and came across this article: “Why hit songs suddenly matter more than the stars that sing […]


File trading is history. 10% of the public will never pay for music, ignore them. Files are history. Music, like television and so much more, is on demand. As time goes by we will own less and less. As for those worried about a blackout, a breakdown of the internet, if you’ve got no power […]

Re-Vaccinations/Concerts/Showing Up

It’s funny that the “stay home if you are scared of the virus, let us live our lives” crowd is now the “I’m scared of the vaccine, but don’t put limits on me” crowd.  It’s the same people who said private businesses don’t have to serve a gay couple a wedding cake, but when a […]