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Go All The Way 50th Anniversary

Playlist: 1 It was released fifty years ago Sunday. The Raspberries were an AM band in an FM world. FM started on the coasts, San Francisco and New York, and by time “Go All the Way” was released every metropolis had an FM outlet. And that meant if you listened to FM you never […]

Robert Scovill-This Week’s Podcast

Robert Scovill is a front of house engineer who has worked with everybody from Rush and Def Leppard to Tom Petty and Kenny Chesney. He did the sound for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. He’s the go-to guy. Listen and you’ll hear not only how he got from there to here, […]


“Bill Browder’s New Book | Lefsetz Letter. This has got to be one of the best reviews of Freezing Order yet. And for anyone wondering, I’ve never met the reviewer before in my life.” @Billbrowder _______________________________ From: H H Burnham Subject: Re: The Coachella Backlash My Coachella was 2005. A fucking lifetime ago. When Trent […]

Correct TikTok Link But maybe this one won’t work either. If you clicked you might have gotten a woman who looks like Courtney Thorne-Smith talking about her lack of sex. Ironically, this is what I got when I clicked the link someone sent me in the first place. I guess web browsers and apps are not made […]