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More Ticketing

This makes me crazy. I was just on a radio show about ticketing. Of course they gave most of the time to the college professor economist, who understood the facts but missed the point. How come every business is seen as professional except for ticketing? People don’t understand medicine, nor do they understand Wall Street […]

Zach Bryan Ticketing

“Zach Bryan/The Burn, Burn, Burn Tour Announcement”: And we thought it was all about the fees… But it turns out it’s about process and transparency. The public can’t figure out ticketing, and neither can the government. And that’s exactly the way the music business wants it. There are pre-sales, holdbacks, platinum… And on the […]

Lucian’s Letter

“Sir Lucian Grainge: Musi Needs a New Streaming Payout Model… And We’re Working On It”: The model changed. Used to be the major labels controlled distribution and exploitation. It was essentially a closed ecosystem. You needed major distribution or you couldn’t get paid, even if the retailer sold your records. And the majors had […]


Re: Jeff Beck Hey Bob, Hope you are well. In 1967, Chris Wright and I were two guys just out of college running a booking agency called “The Ellis-Wright Agency,” specializing in booking bands for colleges. One day a guy who looked like a WWF wrestler (he was) burst into our one-room office – a […]