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“When you assemble artisans and create scarcity that results in a supply/demand imbalance, you generate a cash volcano that you can cap the same way you do an oil well — and turn on/off as needed. Businesses are either supply-constrained (e.g., rare earth minerals, 1945 Château Mouton wine, etc.) or demand-constrained (pretty much everything else). […]

Big Gigantic At The Ford Amphitheater

With Anderson .Paak doing a DJ set before. But Don told me I completely missed it, last night they had Polo & Pan! Huh? So I’m in Vail, Colorado, not the epicenter of entertainment, but you wouldn’t know that based on tonight’s crowd. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, they keep making […]

All-In Ticketing

Ticketmaster is committed. All dates that play after January 1st will be all-in. This will end customer confusion. They will only see one price. The main reason Live Nation is doing this is to cut the FTC off at the pass. Michael Rapino learned this from Daniel Ek. You get ahead of the customer, that’s […]


From: Peter Wiley Subject: Spotify Discovery Mode Hi Bob, thought this Tweet thread was a solid (and concise) look at Spotify’s Discovery Mode. I work for a label distributed via Sony’s Orchard and Sony will not participate in DM, nor allow any of it’s subsidiaries to opt in. There’s a real concern that their unilateral […]