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But most of all, I wanna have some FUN! We self-satisfied baby boomers think we know it all, lived through the best era, that nothing can compete, so we might as well just stay home and marinate in our glorious feelings. I was literally the oldest guy there. I saw one dude who was in […]

Stars Align At FivePoint Amphitheatre

It was like the Fillmore. Only it happened at a hellhole in the middle of nowhere. Actually, not a hellhole, that’s the amphitheatre in Glen Helen, which I last went to when it sported the moniker “Blockbuster,” it would be best if they both disappeared. The shed began with Tanglewood, but a few decades back […]

Happy Together Tour

There wasn’t one song everybody didn’t know. That’s the difference between yesterday and today, the ubiquity of the hits. If you were alive, you heard them, they penetrated not only the airwaves, but society, and these acts had a bunch of them. The surprise was the Cowsills. They were so tight, the harmonies so perfect, […]

Harry Styles At The Forum

It’s the girls who know how to have a good time. Boys think they control the show. That they are the inheritors of the scene. That they’re what makes it all go forward. But women are the grease, without them the engine doesn’t turn, and the engine was humming last night! So it’s a secret. […]