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Mutt Lange

I could give a shit about Maroon 5, but I LOVE Mutt Lange! Solters asked if I’d meet James Diener.  Sure.  That was until I saw articles everywhere about the A&M/Octone guy, clueless people from financial magazines were calling me for background, ignoring everything I said and printing the press releases.  So I said no.  […]

Narada Michael Walden

Just a note to tell you he was Jeff Beck’s drummer last night. Rhonda Smith played bass with Prince, as well as Beyonce and Justin Timberlake.  And Jason Rebello has played keyboards with Sting and Chaka Khan.  And all three were incredible, but I want to focus on Mr. Walden.  Whom I remembered as being […]

Jeff Beck At The Grammy Museum

I can’t fall asleep, I ate too much pastrami. That’s a birthday tradition.  A movie, a sandwich at Langer’s and a hot fudge sundae.  Although it didn’t go down exactly that way today.  You see the movie was too long to make it to the gig so we went to the movie first which meant […]


THE APPLE NUMBERS How long do you keep a cell phone?  Two years at most. That’s why Apple stock is going to go through the roof. I thought it was properly priced or overvalued, I told a friend not to buy any more at these prices.  But what made me think different was Jason Schwartz’s […]