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EMI/Daily News Giveaway

New York Daily News and EMI Music OfferFree Exclusive Music Downloads to Readers Maybe not a big deal to file-traders, but in the world of major labels, it’s significant.  Instead of saying no, instead of locking the music up, suddenly EMI is looking for a way to give back, to engage consumers in music, to […]

McGuinness’ Idiocy

And you wonder why music is in shit shape. When the problems of the world are blamed on west coast "hippy values" and money is king, you know we’ve strayed too far from the garden. Last time I checked, it was these "hippy values" that blew up the music business, 400,000 people went to Woodstock, […]

The Grammy Waiver

Give Neil Portnow credit for convincing the WGA that big time movie and television producers are a similar enemy to thieving consumers. That’s right.  When I see kids on the street, stealing music, I get pissed that they’ve got money for Ferraris, vacations in Bali, but THEY WON’T PAY FOR MUSIC! Or do we give […]

Must Reads

CLIVE We used to own the rock stars.  But we never owned the executives. But once upon a time, the executives were fans.  But when they started believing they were more important than the acts, the business went downhill, rock died.  It was only about the money, the soul was gone. We were a necessary […]