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Taylor Swift and John Mayer – White Horse

Taylor Swift and John Mayer – White Horse (5/22/09 Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA) Hang in there until 4:00, when the audience takes over the song… Audio is far from perfect, but you’ll get the idea… Song starts approximately :35 in…

Taylor Swift At Staples

She played too long, the skits became tiresome, but last night I saw the future of the music industry, and it was HEARTWARMING and EXCITING! I got there during Kellie Pickler’s set.  I expected glitz.  But what I got was a crack band, and rather than an overemoting "American Idol" contestant, a woman who was […]

The Brothers At The Greek

That’s Doobie and Allman to you. The Doobies get a bad rap.  That’s what a string of Top Forty hits will do to you.  But to hear Tom Johnston’s pure voice is akin to being drenched in honey and licked clean.  You feel both alive and renewed! Although traffic has decreased in L.A. since the […]

Sexy Little Thing

1 "Do you want me to call security?" Threatened by this barely legal female in a body-hugging dress, I said SURE! This tiny guy in a trilby hat had told us we had to move.  Which seemed surprising, since we were with the label, the manager, THE ACT! Once upon a time, the Roxy had […]