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Streaming vs. Ownership

If I get one more e-mail defending physical formats, I’m gonna throw my typewriter through the window.  Or maybe my Walkman! Please, no more prognostications from those who haven’t experienced the future.  You remind me of my mother, who pooh-poohed the family friend who bought a personal computer in the eighties, lamenting he didn’t spend […]

Best Buy/Napster/$5

You can’t analyze this through the prism of Best Buy’s bottom line, it’s doesn’t even pay to examine this as a Napster issue, what you’ve got to do is pull back and view this from a wide berth, encompassing music in general.  Because we’re on the verge of an incredible sea change, we’re just about […]

Jonathan Coulton At Largo

A geekfest! Somewhere in the last decade, "geek" went from pejorative to badge of honor.  Those not good-looking enough, not hip enough, not cool enough, took "geek" back, the same way African-Americans reclaimed "nigger". The mainstream music industry has been focused on hip and cool forever.  The key is to build an act that sits […]

The Free Coldplay Live Album

Everything is so RIGHT about this project that I think Joe Satriani should drop his lawsuit IMMEDIATELY! Ultimately, it’s not about money, but FANS! Granted, Coldplay’s making a shitload of cash, but they DESERVE IT! The first rule of music is that it be ear-pleasing.  Don’t beat up Coldplay because they include the special sauce, […]