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Warren Miller

It was a simpler time. We lived in tract houses. We knew nobody rich. We were all in it together. And our horizon was limited. To our own neighborhood and California, because all the TV shows and films were shot in California. And there were seasons. The wait from September to June was interminable, but […]

How To Make A Hit Record

That was the name of the NAMM panel I was on this morning. I thought it was referencing how to make a record a hit. But everybody else thought it was about creating a hit. And they all had. I ran into Jack Douglas outside. He told me he’d been working with Joe Perry. Great […]

The Product Is Not Enough

If you build it they will not come. Your challenge is getting noticed. So you may be sitting at home, in your beautiful house, with your beautiful wife, asking me…DIDN’T YOU SAY JUST THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE? Yes, in the last decade. Things changed. Bob Dylan sang about that, but no one seems to realize the […]

The Grammys Are More Important Than Ever

Hanging with a bunch of douche bag insiders for a week? WORTHLESS! Performing on the telecast or winning one of the top four awards? PRICELESS! Welcome to 2018, where you just can’t get your message out. There’s too much noise. How are you going to cut through that clutter? By appearing on the Grammy telecast. […]