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The Elliott Murphy Documentary

He’s not happy. But that’s the ethos of an artist, not a businessman. And we’ve all become business people. In the limited rock press, a fraction of what it is today, filled with press releases and the mass opinions of the great unwashed, Elliott Murphy got traction with his 1973 album “Aquashow.” But it was […]

Recorded Versus Live

Maybe we’ve got it all wrong. Maybe the record isn’t the advertisement for the live show, but the live show is the advertisement for the record! Think about this. It’s only been a hundred years or so that we’ve had recorded music. But prior to that, for millennia, music triumphed. And it wasn’t until the […]

Andrew Loog Oldham-This Week’s Podcast

How does a young fashionite lose his job after experiencing the first of numerous nervous breakdowns end up managing and producing the Rolling Stones? By doing publicity for the Beatles and knowing a great band when he sees one (and tying up with a more experienced partner to add gravitas). This was when Brian Jones […]


You want to be sponsored. That’s what separates the professionals from the amateurs, whether you’re on the corporate team. And today brands are everything, musical acts come and go, but brands have a much longer lifespan. You align yourself with one and it takes a lot to shake you from it. Look at Elon Musk’s […]