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When The CD Dies

"Everyone in the industry thinks of this Christmas as the last big holiday season for CD sales," Mr. Sinnreich said, "and then everything goes kaput."Plunge in CD Sales Shakes Up Big Labels Love it or hate it, the "New York Times" is the paper of record. If for no other reason than most news organizations […]

New York Doll

What if your dream doesn’t come true? I wanted to be a baseball player.  My parents humored me, took me to Yankee Stadium, but as the years passed, I got the subtle message that this wasn’t a reasonable occupation.  I thought it was because my parents were judging the players, long before they made twenty […]

World Domination?

You’ve got to lower your expectations. I’m being hassled by the "Instant Karma" crew.  How dare I rag on Green Day, they’re doing it for CHARITY!  I need to APOLOGIZE! By time we’re through, EVERYBODY in this country is gonna have to apologize.  For a supposedly macho group of people, we certainly get our feelings […]


YAHOO LYRICS The Perils of Online Song Lyrics(watch the video in the center of the page for the essence) Whenever I speak at a conference, I analogize the online music sphere to the wild west.  Robbers have removed all the assets from the local bank and have ridden off into the sunset.  What to do? […]