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American Idol Finale-2

GLADYS KNIGHT Does everybody get to sing their new single? Hell, didn’t you oldsters with no chance of getting on the radio get the memo that NOBODY CARES! And why do the new numbers have to be so LOUSY?  What, is Diane Warren on vacation?  Did somebody lose Max Martin’s phone number? TONY BENNETT I […]

American Idol Finale-1

Just when I can’t think of a good word to say, after an over plastic-surgeried Smokey Robinson belts out an unknown track he’s futilely working as his new single, the assembled multitude breaks into TEARS OF A CLOWN! The original, the take by the (English) Beat, the one you sing in your car, ANY version […]

Re-Linkin Park

1. Peter Frampton’s "I’m In You" sold the first week too. 2. 623,000 is less than Jay-Z’s 680,000 debut last December.  That was the fourth quarter.  As of last week, Jay-Z’s album "Kingdom Come" had sold 1,429,088. 3. Norah Jones’ "Not Too Late" has sold 1,309,658 copies as of last week.  At a rate of […]

Reasons Not To Sign With The Major Labels

1. They tell you what to do. Are you following this Kelly Clarkson flap?  She made an album from the heart, that she wrote.  What did the label do?  They shelved it for months, hoping she’d come to her senses and record some more upbeat hit tracks just like the ones she recorded before, positive […]