Geiger just called me from the airport, he said he was going to see Zhu at Red Rocks, it was sold out, did I know Zhu?


You hate to admit this. Even in this overpopulated world where no one really knows what’s going on.

So after I got off the call I pulled up the most streamed track on Spotify, “Working For It,” and I got it INSTANTLY!

Hmm… This is not supposed to happen.

I checked the Google News, I found no mainstream articles, nothing in the NYT or WSJ or WaPo. But they’re writing about hip-hop all the time and “Working For It” has 150 million streams and “Faded” has just as many and “My Life” from the new album “Ringo’s Desert,” released on September 7th, already has in excess of 16 million.

So Zhu definitely has an audience, both listening and going, even though he does not have a profile. You know, scorched earth publicity with antics profiled on TMZ. Maybe you don’t have to light yourself on fire to make it. Then again, making it is different from it used to be, and the emphasis is on the road, that’s where careers are cemented, how many tickets can you sell? How many people will want to see Cardi B next year?


P.S. Zhu put out an EP, which is really as long as an album in the pre-CD years, back in April. He understands that it’s a steady stream of product that keeps the hard core satisfied, and the hard core keeps you alive. Which is one of the reasons rock has been left in the dust. Keep the customer satisfied!

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