We are assuming the outrage in the mainstream press will have an effect.

It won’t, not much.

Did the coverage of Martin Luther King’s assassination stop racism? Hell, there were states that wouldn’t observe his holiday, businesses that still won’t. People are myopic, to change their views is nearly impossible. Meanwhile, those concerned believe if they just generate enough outrage things will change, but they don’t, the longer time goes by the more Holocaust-deniers we’ve got.

But the real problem is anti-Semitism is no different from anti-immigration. They think we’ve got their jobs, they think we’re ruining their lives, they think we’re destroying the country.

That’s right. We’re ruining the American way of life, we don’t belong, we’ve got to go home. Which in this case is Israel, which they only support because it’s the birthplace of Christianity, but while we’re at it, why don’t we give the country back to the Palestinians and we’ve got to work with Saudi Arabia, because Israel has no oil.

You can’t even defend yourself. College students are anti-Israel. We are supposed to shut up and do what they say. Because otherwise we demonstrate who we really are, loudmouthed, money-grabbing predators.

Well, we were money-lenders because you wouldn’t let us into other professions.

The canard that all lawyers and doctors are Jewish is incorrect. Sure, parents push children to become professionals, but then you’ve got the ignorant saying they want a Jew-doctor, or a Jew-lawyer, thinking they’re the best.

Meanwhile, Asians sue Harvard for admission and what comes out is…

Harvard perpetuates the establishment via legacy admissions, but now they’ve changed their policy, to admit more quiet, introverted people. The blowback had an effect, but Harvard gets money from the government and is not ignorant. People get money from the government and vote against their own interests.

And when you cry anti-Semitism, the enlightened say it’s dead! These same people and cronies who go all the way to the Supreme Court where voting discrimination laws are deemed no longer needed because racism is dead, and then you get what you’ve got in Georgia, will Stacey Adams get elected anyway? We’ll see.

You see they want us to stay in our place. Not rise above. An African-American can clean your house, but not rule above you, despite in many cases being here longer than you are, when it comes to blood.

And you may ask me to look at the sunny side of the street, be all kumbaya, but I’d tell you it’s going in the wrong direction, all over the world. Hell, look at Brazil. The rank and file want law and order, a return to yesteryear, when anybody with a brain will tell you that’s impossible, but they don’t want people with a brain, meanwhile, brains are destroyed in the NFL and they keep watching, like feeding Christians to the lions at the Colosseum.

I am a Jew. I can’t hide it. And if I do, people leak out anti-Semitic comments. In the the highest ranks of our economy. I always say something, but many Jews do not, you see they just want to get along, live their lives.

History tells us we’ve been expelled from so many countries, limited to so many jobs.

Then they tell us we’re all powerful and all rich.


It comes down to education and travel.

But Betsy DeVos wants more religious education, and that ain’t Judaism folks. And the right wants to starve public education. What’s gonna change?


So if it makes you feel good about being distraught about Pittsburgh while you’re loving each other, good for you, but know it won’t make any difference. We’re talking about thousands of years of history here. Hell, Rodney King had it right, why can’t we all just get along?

Because your religion is better than mine.

Your skin is better than mine.

Your attitude is better than mine.

I am the problem, I need to GET OUT!

I heard you, and hopefully, unlike the six million, when it gets really bad, I’ll heed your advice.

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