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The Sound City Movie

The Sound City Movie She was that kind of lady Times are hard Desperation and desire. The key elements to rock stardom. And Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham had both. She’s back in town And she’s looking around From Phoenix to San Francisco to Hollywood. That’s where you had to end up. You could start […]

The Oscar Show

It’s about the awards, STUPID! What kind of crazy, messed up world do we live in where the Golden Globes are better than the Oscars? One in which the foreign press knows that its trophies are meaningless and does its best to focus on stars and faux pas. The Golden Globes is sold as a […]

Rhinofy-Prairie Wedding

I was just driving in a rainstorm pushing the buttons on my XM receiver and I heard this. Funny about music. There’s stuff that you get immediately, that’s so in the pocket you just want to sit in your car and marinate in it. That’s what I did. Sat in my garage feeling that someone […]

The Harlem Shake Phenomenon

It’s the ultimate in participation. It all started with rap. You didn’t need training, you didn’t need to know anything about music or the music business. You just lifted a track and freestyled above it. Then came reality television. Where suddenly people could be famous for nothing. Whether it be the denizens of the “Real […]