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Twenty Feet From Stardom

This movie is going to make Lisa Fischer a star. Just like Ry Cooder went to Cuba and brought the Buena Vista Social Club to prominence, the unheralded Fischer will get a victory lap she didn’t anticipate, and she deserves it, because she’s just that damn good. I love going to the movies during the […]

Clive Correction

He does have a website. But it doesn’t show up on the first page of Google, the only one that counts. Actually, I went all the way to page 14 of Google and I still didn’t find it, even though I did see the link for the Clive Davis Institute at NYU on page 7. […]

Monitor But Don’t Respond

I made a big mistake. I answered an e-mail. I should know better. There’s nothing people like more than tearing you down, and by responding to their e-mail, they now know they have access, and it’s open season. I don’t understand Twitter wars. You say X, the other person says Y, and then it devolves […]

Kelly & Clive

David Geffen called Don Henley a malcontent. Was never gonna let the Eagle get the best of him. But Geffen’s not only a businessman, but a billionaire. We’re used to that. Rich people believing they’re entitled to speak their truth. Above recrimination. But ARTISTS? I’m stunned at the traction Kelly Clarkson’s response to Clive Davis […]