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Now this clip isn’t riveting, you don’t sit on the edge of your seat fearful it’s going to end.

But when you see the women who started businesses because they learned how to code… When you see the Silicon Valley lifestyle, the working environment with free lunch and free dry-cleaning and a room to play with your band… You say I WANT SOME OF THAT!

That’s what’s being missed in all the coverage of entertainment and sports. The smart revolution. The point is made if you want a job in entertainment and sports today, never mind tomorrow, you’d better know how to code. Because these are data-driven enterprises. Data saved the Oakland A’s.

And the clip does something no amount of charity or publicity has achieved…it humanizes Mark Zuckerberg. Makes him seem like the guy down the street, who you’d enjoy a pizza with, as opposed to an aloof autism victim with no sense of right or wrong.

And the guy who invented Valve… He’s like the rock stars of yore. What kind of bizarre world do we live in where the rock stars wear three piece suits, dress up in the latest fashions, and the coders get to wear hoodies and comfortable clothing?

One in which what is on the inside truly counts.

And that’s rarely the case in music anymore.

What’s inside Rihanna?


There’s certainly no intelligence, no critical thinking, hell, the songs are written by a factory of faceless people. She’s just a front.

But these coders are the real thing.

Even is learning to code.

And Troy Carter is investing in tech. Not only because that’s where the money is, but the sky’s the limit and it’s exciting.

Everybody in America wants a free lunch. And I’m willing to give it to them, but not much more. I believe in the public safety net, but that’s it. You’re not guaranteed acclaim, fame and success. Hell, go on the reality TV show. Unless you’re a financial wizard you’ll be broke and forgotten in a matter of years, a joke.

But none of the coders in this clip are a joke.

You look up to them.

It’s clips like these that inspire you.

The same way watching the Beatles on “Ed Sullivan” inspired baby boomers.

And the Beatles were self-taught.

Just like Mark Zuckerberg. He was so thrilled by computing, by coding, that he dug deeper.

All the greats are self-taught. Because of raw inspiration and desire. They haven’t got time for you because they’re so busy pursuing their dream.

Right now, coders are changing the world.

Rock stars are not.

And that’s upside down.

But if you watch this clip you’ll understand. Because coders are everything rock stars are not. They’re smart, personable, and they do it their own way.

Yup, the rock star paradigm is old and tired. It was invented fifty years ago, had a good ten year run, was propped up by MTV and has had lemmings all over it ever since. It’s like being a fan of hula-hoops, or advocating the excellence of typewriters. It’s passe.

What’s the future of music?


Now, more than ever, if you can read music and you’ve practiced ad infinitum you’ve got a chance of succeeding.

And if you’re bitching about opportunity and piracy, you’ve lost the plot. These techies created their own business, so should you.

But if I were a teenager today, if I just graduated from college, the thought of coming to Hollywood to pursue a career in the entertainment field would never cross my mind.

I’d go to Silicon Valley. I’d pursue tech.

Watch this clip and you’ll know why.

You want to know these people, you want some of their action.

But there’s a bar. You’ve got to know how to code. To build.

Marketing comes last.

I can’t. I’m being left behind.

You shouldn’t be.

P.S. This clip has 1,647,817 views, and it was put up yesterday. You think virality is about bells and whistles. No, it’s about soul, it’s about being more than skin deep, it’s about making people think.

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