Tony Hawk Pulls A Josh Freese

From: Bill Silva
Subject: tony hawk

Don’t know if you follow him on twitter, hilarious, topical, friendly, full of heart.  Check this one…

Borrowing an idea from @joshfreese, I came up with some personalized & dream experiences to benefit THF. http://www.tonyhawkexperien…about 5 hours ago from Tweetie

Skateboarding with Tony Hawk?

I love Josh Freese, but most people would say WHO?

But Tony Hawk is a veritable legend, with more cred than most music stars.  He doesn’t need the money, which is why he’s donating it to charity.  WHERE ARE THE ACTS?

The book publishing business has got it all wrong.  It’s like no one there ever listened to a record.  They should start selling collectible books!  The $50 version, on special paper, with a foil cover.  For $100, the author signs it.  Another two hundred bucks and you get a phone call!

But no, they’d rather argue with Amazon, keeping books from Kindles

That didn’t work too well for the music business, trying to get everybody to buy CDs.  By time they authorized iTunes, there’d already been four years of P2P theft.

But what truly flummoxes me is how the musical acts have not picked up on this.  Fuck I Love All Access, truly give me access!  Give me one night with my favorite rock star!  What’s that worth, A MILLION?

Okay, that’s the ultimate rock fantasy, sleeping with the star.  Why not charge for the privilege!  Forget suing bloggers who leak new albums, go where the real money is.

This fad is not going to last forever.  The audience is going to burn out on these overpriced fantasies.  But since someone in the music business created the idea, how come other acts are not following up?

No act’s too big.  U2 doesn’t sell out every stadium seat.  And neither does Paul McCartney.  All those labels asking for 360 degrees of revenue, why aren’t you innovating?  You want more rights just so you can sit on them?  That’s why you don’t want to be with the major label, you can’t INNOVATE!  Trent Reznor broke free and now he’s on the cutting edge, with more cred and better word of mouth than he had with Interscope.  Never mind making a ton of money.

What the public wants is access.  They want to be your friend.  Why are you keeping your distance?  They’re gonna pay and be happy!

This is like mashups, the window is going to be very brief, less than a year.  Why are we letting those in other industries capitalize on our idea?

That’s what’s wrong with the music business.  It’s not cutting edge.  And until it is, until someone dreams up the equivalent of an iPhone and or an App Store, music will continue to be a second class citizen.  Music used to drive the culture.  Now it follows it.


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