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Stuck In The Middle With You

The biggest story of the week is the insane profits at Goldman Sachs.  The number one person on this story is Matt Taibbi.  Read the complete "Rolling Stone" article here Read the latest update by Taibbi here If you’d rather get your news from the "New York Times" instead of "Rolling Stone", Paul Krugman weighs […]

QR Code

There was a glitch at Rhino today. I hauled my ass out to Burbank to record some podcasts.  But when we set up in the Rhino studio, there was a sound in my headphones, kind of like gophers munching on grass, whenever I spoke into the microphone.  Unfortunately, this distortion made it into the final […]

My BlackBerry Tour 9630

Apple’s gonna win the smartphone war. I’m never going back to AT&T.  Some of the worst voice connections (or should I say DISCONNECTIONS) I’ve ever experienced.  As for the vaunted 3G…every time I use someone’s iPhone they’re on EDGE, even though I’m getting 3G on Verizon.  Yes, I’m on Verizon.  I switched back in 2003, […]


Am I the only person sickened by the overhype on this movie? This is why we hate the mainstream press.  Isn’t there a single outlet that can say no to hype?  That’s what this was, pure and simple.  Endless stunts that would make Lee Solters smile in his grave.  But this isn’t the 1950’s anymore, […]