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Podcast #11 – “The Renegade Side”

My parents tried to raise me well and to give me eyes to seeThat the only things worth fighting for are the ones that don’t come for freeThey stood by me in the darknessAnd they filled me with their prideBut did they know they were teaching meTo walk on the renegade side? My father was […]

My Lover Man

I’m Bruce’d out.  It’s not the man, it’s his fans.  He’s no longer a living artist, but an encapsulation of their youth.  Just like U2 is for late Gen X’ers, Springsteen is for baby boomers. It’s funny if you think about it.  Bruce Springsteen is the kind of guy these fans wouldn’t have spoken to […]


Sooner or later Everybody’s kingdom must end "The King Must Die"Elton John All hail Samsung. There’s a reason all the network TV shows skew young.  They’re advertiser supported.  And advertisers want to reach young ‘uns.  Get them addicted to their brands in their formative years, where’ll they stay, hopefully, forever more. I go back to […]

Blame It On The Sun

I drove cross-country with a tape of "Fulfillingness’ First Finale". I don’t buy albums anymore.  I’m disappointed with the whole concept.  Oh, I get any disc I want for free, but I want almost none of them.  Every day somebody I don’t know tracks me down to ask me whether they can send me their […]