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The Roca Jack

Felice hadn’t skied in ten years.  Not since her father died.  It just wasn’t the same.  He loved the life.  Loved to hire an instructor, beat the lines and take a long lunch at Mid-Vail. But I told her it was a deal breaker.  That unlike her exes I wouldn’t push her, I wouldn’t yell […]

Chile-Day One

Greetings from 9,450 feet. We kept passing this posse of slackers outside the elevator.  You see we’re on the sixth floor, but the lift only goes to the fifth.  So, you’ve got to traverse a small lobby to a staircase in the far corner, to ascend to the sixth floor.  And needing to go up […]

The Cruise Flap

The only people who don’t know Tom Cruise is loopy work for him.  Oh, they know it too, but they deny it just like an abused wife claims her bruises are a result of clumsiness. In case you missed it, Sumner Redstone, who controls Viacom, went on record that Viacom’s movie studio Paramount wouldn’t renew […]

Christina Aguilera

I’d like to tell you that Christina Aguilera’s "Back To Basics" heralds a turnaround in the recorded music sphere, but I’d be lying. What we’ve got here, with the sale of 341,988 CDs in its debut week, is an incredible job of SET-UP!  Executed flawlessly, Irving and RCA deserve a pat on the back.  For […]