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Missy Higgins On Indie 103.1

Well, not really, not until next week. I spent all morning at the House of Blues, doing a radio show in conjunction with Sat Bisla’s Musexpo. None of the acts were bad, a couple quite good, but what I was struck by was how different these international artists were from their brethren in America. They […]

Does Mariah Sing Live?

David Munk: As someone who specializes in singers, real singers, devoted almost the entirety of my 20 year career (now over, I guess) to working with real singers, your posting on Mariah Mania wound me up. The elephant in the room with Mariah is that she is thought by many (especially the younger generation) as […]

It Just Comes Natural

My goal is to never talk on the phone. It’s the biggest time-waster in my life. Usually spent with people trying to convince me they can do what’s never been done, can win what’s never been won, meanwhile, the minute hand is racing around the clock (if you don’t get the reference, fire up Dylan’s […]


I saw Paul Stanley in the audience of "American Idol". What can I say, Felice is addicted, I heard the rumble from afar and when I went to retrieve her from the bedroom, I got hooked by the show too. I guess it’s just instinct, we’re all judges, we want to evaluate talent…and just maybe […]