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Mariah Madness

I challenge you to sing three of her songs. Hell, I challenge you to NAME three of her songs! Let’s see… There’s "Vision Of Love", a teenager demonstrating melisma for all to see, unleashing upon us countless copycats with vocal training, but no ability to write meaningful music. Then there was "We Belong Together"… Histrionics […]


We’re home. The plan was to stay in Mammoth until Wednesday, skiing tomorrow, April 22nd, my birthday. Alas, our plans were foiled. Oh, the mountain is open, it’s just that they’ve hit a skein of unseasonably cold weather. So, what was slush on Saturday, before we hit the slopes, has been rock solid ice since. […]

The Seder

In a snowstorm in Deer Valley, my sister Jill invited us to her in-laws for Passover. My heart sank. That was the same day we were going to Mammoth. Should we delay our trip? But if we did so, we’d miss either a day of skiing or Amy’s reception of the Pacific Palisades Sparkplug Award. […]


Bob… Just for your own FYI… I’m not ‘Live Nation’, nor do I promote concerts for the like(s) of ‘Radiohead’…but I’m a small mom n pop promoter that does have a contract with Ticketmaster. In the negotiations of the contract, I was not only able to place a maximum charge for fees, but the max […]