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Vinyl is our HD. I was just sitting on the toilet, perusing the newspapers before I left the house for a doctor’s appointment, and I came across an ad for Panasonic Viera HDTVs.  And I started to wonder.  As the image gets better and better, why does the sound get worse and worse? Do we […]

Epic Pass

So far this season, I’ve spent $1,777 dollars to ski at Vail. In retrospect, I could have purchased an unrestricted season pass for almost the same price, but I didn’t know if I’d be here that much, I didn’t want to leave cash on the table. But it’s been an epic season, and I’m not […]

The Starbucks Story

Funny how this didn’t make the "Rumor Mill" at hitsdailydouble. Someone at Starbucks or Concord must be paying Dennis and Lenny, so they get a pass. But Lyor Cohen does not. Isn’t it funny that they beat up that guy EVERY DAY and he gets re-upped? If you’re wondering about their power… It’s even less […]


"And crying that you just can’t make any money. Boofuckinghoo." LMAO – perfection…..— Wade from STILL _______________________________________ David Tobin: It’s always interesting when people create a business out of something that started with passion. The higher the structure, the bigger the fall. Sure am glad I never took that job at the label and stuck […]