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Charm City Cakes

So Lewi’s been going on about his food tour. How rock and roll has got NOTHING over food. He’s been telling me about the Ace of Cakes. So my sister and her family arrive in Vail. And the first thing my nephew wants to talk about is all the films and TV shows he’s downloaded […]


Can an unsigned band get noticed?  And, do we even bother to use that term anymore, "unsigned".  Do you want to get signed? I mean what are the chances that the cognoscenti are going to care about your band when R.E.M. and even Van Morrison are shilling for attention.  Oh, it makes you feel good, […]

One Simple Thing

Sometimes everything on your iPod sounds good. We’re in Vail. Meeting my sister and her family for spring break. And it hasn’t stopped snowing since we got here. But what’s weird is…unlike in December and January, the snow is wet, and heavy. Still, the Back Bowls are open and untracked. After setting up Felice with […]


You might think Massive Attack is a band, but to me it’s when you get listed at DIGG and netizens from all over the globe start hitting your server, trying to access the vaunted information, and your server slows to a crawl and then crashes. Turns out there’s a solution. You’ve got to tweak the […]