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Rob Light’s Serial Reference

What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where the agents are hipper than the acts? Rob Light at the “Billboard” Touring conference: “Beyonce could learn a thing or two from ‘This American Life”s ‘Serial’ podcast. ‘It’s the single hottest podcast, and it makes geniuses every Thursday when a new podcast comes […]

Rhinofy-That Would Be Something

The sound! The legendary track on “McCartney” is “Maybe I’m Amazed.” I was immediately enraptured by “Every Night,” I came to love “Teddy Boy,” but now my favorite is “That Would Be Something.” How could an album so slight seem like such a masterpiece today? Starting with “The Lovely Linda” and ending with the almost […]

It’s A Pop World Because…

1. We all want something to rally around, something to discuss, a club to belong to, and right now pop is it. 2. Popularity breeds popularity. That which gains traction and sustains, becomes ever bigger. 3. They know it’s about the song. Hooks, choruses, catchiness. If only other musicmakers realized this. Never forget, the Beatles […]


There are a lot of baby boomers who don’t know “Blue,” but to those who do it sits right up there with the White Album, it’s one of the best LPs ever made. At this late date emphasis is upon “A Case Of You,” that’s the song the youngsters cover. But in the pre-CD days […]